Common Questions

What is a ballot drop box?
A ballot drop box is a secure drop box where voters can return their voted ballot. Voters can return their ballot to any box. Boxes are serviced by two deputized employees of the County Elections Office.

How often are ballots collected?
Ballots are collected daily by a team of two employees. Each box can hold thousands of ballots. Ballots are sealed in secure containers during transport.

Is the box secure?
The box weighs 500 pounds and is constructed from ¼” steel mounted on a heavy-duty steel post that is bolted into the ground with special security bolts. The design of the opening (snout) is narrow and the box contains internal baffles which will prevent tampering or retrieval of envelopes. Each box is inspected daily for damage or evidence of tampering.

When are drop boxes available?
Drop boxes are opened 29 days before the election and will be available until 8pm on Election Day.

How many drop boxes are there?
The number of drop boxes varies by election. See a current list of drop boxes.

What are the hours of operation?
Drop boxes are located outdoors and available 24/7.

Where can I find my nearest drop box?
See a list of drop boxes.

How do I know you got my ballot?
You can confirm if our office has issued or received your ballot by using our My Voting Information tool. You can also sign up for notifications when your ballot is mailed, received, and counted. Visit to sign up.