Office Staff

Our office has 30 permanent employees who are responsible for voter services, mapping, candidate services, poll worker recruitment and management, polling place selection, information technology, and warehouse operations.

Temporary Workers

In addition to our permanent staff, each election requires upwards of 100 temporary workers to meet our production needs. Temporary workers update voter registration records, support warehouse logistics, answer phone calls from voters, issue ballots at our Regional Early Voting Sites, and extract and count ballots.

Poll Workers

Poll workers are the public face of an election, representing our office to voters on Election Day. Poll workers ensure that the voters we serve have a positive experience at the polls. It takes more than 1,600 poll workers to conduct a countywide election in Contra Costa County. Sound interesting? Sign up to be a poll worker.


Elections are open civic exercises. They are viewable to the public, including members of the media, campaign representatives, and election monitors. Observers are permitted to watch all aspects of the polling place operation as long as they do not interfere with the voting process and they respect voter privacy. Observers are not required to introduce themselves, but they sometimes have a letter from the Elections Division or the Secretary of State. Observers can also watch the counting at our office.