ImageCast Evolution Ballot Scanner

Image of ImageCast Evolution Ballot Scanner     Image of ImageCast Evolution Ballot Scanner

The ImageCast Evolution is a voter-activated paper ballot counter and vote tabulator. An Evolution Ballot Scanning Unit is at every polling place where it scans and tallies ballots as they are deposited into a secure ballot box. The Evolution scans a full digital image of the paper ballot and the voter’s marks and counts the votes electronically. The ballot then proceeds to a sealed ballot box. The tabulated votes and scanned ballot images are stored on a memory card. At the end of Election Day the memory card is removed and transported back to the Elections Office. The results for each polling place’s memory card are then uploaded into the total count. The paper ballots are preserved for 22 months on statewide elections and 6 months on local elections.

ImageCast X Ballot Marking Device

Image of Ballot Marking Device

Each polling place has an ImageCast X ballot marking device designed to aid voters in marking their ballot. The ballot marking device is equipped with audio prompts (in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese), an audio tactile controller with buttons and braille labels, and contrast and text size adjustments. The ballot marking device is also compatible with personal assistive devices such as puff/sip technology and enables all voters to cast their ballot independently and privately.

The ballot marking device only marks a ballot, it does not count votes. The ballot marking device generates and prints a paper ballot with the voter’s selections. The ballot is then scanned through the Ballot Scanner at the polling place for tabulation.

ImageCast Central Count Scanner

Image of ImageCast Central Count Scanner

The ImageCast Central scanner is a high-speed digital scanner used to tabulate all vote-by-mail ballots—approximately 65% of ballots cast in an election—and other ballots not counted on the polling place scanners. This machine scans a full digital image of the paper ballot and the voter’s marks and counts the votes electronically, but at a much higher rate than polling place scanner.

Logic And Accuracy Testing

Prior to each election every piece of voting equipment that will be used to count or mark ballots is put through a set of logic and accuracy tests to ensure that it is functioning properly and tabulating votes correctly.

Each unit is tested using a pre-marked set of ballot cards to verify that it is functioning mechanically (ballots are fed correctly through belts and rollers without jamming), logically (the unit recognizes the specific election’s ballot), and that it is accurate (the voting equipment reads and reports the correct number of votes expected). Testing of the polling place scanners and ballot marking devices begins one month prior to the election and lasts for two weeks. The central scanners are tested around 10 days before the election. All testing is open to the public.