Types Of Elections

There are many different types of elections; some occur on established, regularly scheduled dates while others are conducted when requested or required.

Our Voting System

Contra Costa County uses Dominion Voting’s Democracy Suite to conduct elections. It’s a paper ballot full digital scanning voting system and has been certified for use in California by the Secretary of State.

Using paper ballots, voters fill in ovals next to their choice. All ballots are tabulated at our office on the ImageCast Central scanner. With this equipment and system, voters can have confidence that votes are counted accurately and reliably. We also deploy an ImageCast X ballot marking device at every polling location.

Creating Precincts and Choosing Polling Places

Our office strives to create a seamless Election Day experience for all voters. This ongoing effort begins with how we group voters and select where those voters cast their ballot. Groups of voters that vote on the same issues are organized into a precinct. Precincts are assigned to a polling place, a location where voters go to cast their votes.

Certifying an Election

During a countywide election, our office can count upwards of 450,000 ballots. Counting all the votes cast in an election is an enormous undertaking. The process doesn’t just happen on Election Day; preparing for the count begins one week prior to Election Day and it takes nearly a month after the election to complete all counting and certify the election results. Results must be certified and sent to the California Secretary of State within 31 days of the election.

Who is Involved

The County Clerk-Recorder and Registrar of Voters oversees all county elections. It takes a lot of people to run an election: permanent staff, temporary staff, and thousands of poll workers.