We are committed to equipping poll workers with the necessary tools and resources to be successful on Election Day. Below are documents, videos, and other materials. Together with the knowledge gained from training and the Poll Worker Reference Guide, poll workers will have the tools to confidently carry out their duties on Election Day.

Poll Worker Guide

The Poll Worker Reference Guide will help poll workers answer questions on Election Day. Through diagrams, corresponding directions, and easy to follow step-by-step instructions, the guide outlines how and when to perform the tasks necessary.

Read the November 2018 Poll Worker Reference Guide.

Addendum I – Provisional Waiver
Addendum II – Ballot Marking Device Setup

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect is back! We’re hosting a series of drop-in events across the county to provide hands on time with the new equipment. To prepare poll workers ahead of November 6, Practice Makes Perfect sessions will be held in tandem with scheduled training classes. Stop by as your schedule permits and stay as long as you like. No appointment necessary. See our full schedule.

Reference Library

These documents are additional resources for poll workers and other Election Day workers to refresh and expand their knowledge.