The Poll Worker Pulse is a quarterly newsletter for our poll workers to keep them connected to what’s happening at our office. It is mailed to all poll workers and is also available online.

Highlights From The Current Issue

Presenting New Voting Equipment!

The day has finally come!.

The AutoMARK and the M100 are being retired and replaced with more modern and easier to use technology. This new system, Democracy Suite, was very recently approved for use in California and we are impressed with its simplicity and increased efficiency.

We will use the new system for the June election. We are confident in a short timeline because the voting process does not change, the new system performs the same functions as the AutoMARK and M100 (only
better), and we have total confidence in your ability to embrace and master the new technology.

The Ballot Marking Device (AutoMARK replacement) is being introduced in the APPLE class. If you have not yet attended, please schedule your training today. Some of the regular training for June will be dedicated to operating the machines and we will have drop-in events at our office and throughout the county for you to practice operatng the new equipment.

We are excited to upgrade our system after nearly fifteen years and we hope you are too. Let the new adventure begin!.

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