Measure Wording

County Service Area R-7 (Alamo Parks and Recreation)

Shall the appropriations limit under California Article XIII-B for County Service Area R-7 (Alamo Parks and Recreation) be increased to $1,750,000 and adjusted for changes in the cost-of-living and population, with the increase effective for the Fiscal Years 2019/2020 through 2023/2024 (inclusive) to provide for the expenditure of funds that will be available to the Service Area during the stated fiscal years?


This measure, if approved by a majority of those voting, would establish an appropriations (spending) limit for Contra Costa County Service Area R-7 (Alamo Parks and Recreation) for fiscal years 2019-2020 through 2023-2024.

Article XIIIB of the California Constitution restricts a public entity’s spending of tax proceeds by imposing an annual appropriations limit on the entity. The appropriations limit is also referred to as the “Gann limit.” A public entity’s appropriations limit is adjusted each year based on changes in the cost of living and population. For a maximum period of four years at a time, voters may establish an appropriations limit different than the limit imposed on an entity by Article XIIIB. At the expiration of a voter-approved change, either the voters must approve another change or the limit returns to the level it otherwise would have been without voter approval.

This measure, proposed by resolution of the County Board of Supervisors, would establish the County Service Area R-7 appropriations limit for fiscal year 2019-2020 at $1,750,000. Thereafter, the fiscal year 2019-2020 appropriations limit established by this measure would be adjusted annually through fiscal year 2023-2024 in accordance with California law.

This ballot measure does not seek voter approval to impose any new or additional tax.

A “yes” vote is a vote to approve the establishment of the appropriations limit for the stated fiscal years.

A “no” vote is a vote to reject the establishment of the appropriations limit for the stated fiscal years.


A “Yes” vote on Measure W allows tax money already collected by the County on your property tax bill to be spent in your Alamo community. This measure would raise the “appropriations limit” for Alamo Parks & Recreation (County Service Area R-7A) set by Proposition 4 (the Gann Initiative) in 1979.


Property tax revenue paid by Alamo citizens to the Alamo Parks & Recreation (County Service Area R-7A) over the past 35 years has built or improved recreational facilities like Livorna Park, Alamo School Field and Batting Cages, Rancho Romero Field, and Hap Magee Ranch Park. Through the Alamo Municipal Advisory Council (MAC), Alamo Parks & Recreation is now building a new trailside park in Alamo, Hemme Station Park, which will enhance the Alamo park system and improve our lifestyles in Alamo. Alamo MAC was responsive to residents’ requests for recreational activities by establishing a partnership with the YMCA to offer exercise classes, programming for youth sports, and trips for seniors. Without an increase in the appropriations limit, which will not increase your taxes, parks and recreation would suffer in our community.

Every four years the State constitution allows Alamo voters to increase the appropriations limit to match current property tax revenues collected by the County. Passage of Measure W will increase the appropriations limit for Alamo Parks & Recreation to match property tax revenue being received without raising taxes.

Vote to preserve property values by keeping our property tax dollars in Alamo to maintain and expand our parks and recreational programs while not raising your taxes.

Vote “Yes” on Measure W.

Anne Struthers, on behalf of the Alamo Municipal Advisory Council
Anne Struthers, MAC


No Argument Against was filed.