Government at a Glance

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Public meetings are meant to give citizens the chance to address elected officials on issues that affect the community. But it can be intimidating. The Government Meetings Guide is meant to help make the process less daunting and allow residents to understand what to expect.

Local government webpages

To be involved in your community, it’s important to know who the decision makers are, when meeting are held and who’s responsible for services where you live.

Here are some links to Web pages with relevant information about local government.

Contra Costa County maps

Contra Costa County government structure

Contra Costa Board of Supervisors
District I – John Gioia
District II – Candace Andersen
District III – Mary Piepho
District IV – Karen Mitchoff
District V – Federal Glover

Board of Supervisors – Standing comittees

County meeting agendas

Elected Officials

Links to city websites

Community Events in Contra Costa County

Links to Contra Costa School Districts

Links to Contra Costa Special Districts