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Civics Puzzles
Test your knowledge with these fun Contra Costa civics-related puzzles. Good luck!

Know Your Current Events

Each week, we will be putting together a collection of local civics and current event questions to sharpen your skills.

Week of 4/25/2016

  1. Which East Contra Costa city agreed earlier this month to a six percent increase to its water rates, effective June 1?
    1. Antioch
    2. Antioch
    3. Oakley
    4. Pittsburg
  2. _________________ started providing commercial airline service from Concord’s Buchanan Field to Burbank and Las Vegas.
    1. Southwest Airlines
    2. JetSuite
    3. Jet Blue
    4. Allegiant Air
  3. Which Republican Presidential candidate won the New York primary?
    1. John Kasich
    2. Ted Cruz
    3. Donald Trump
    4. Marco Rubio
  4. Contra Costa County recently started a color-coded placard system to assist residents on the status of ______________,
    1. Voting locations
    2. Construction projects
    3. Restaurant/ food inspections
    4. Building safety
  5. How many U.S. Senate candidates are on the June 7th Presidential Primary Election ballot?
    1. 2
    2. 24
    3. 34
    4. 40
  6. Which city had a state of emergency declared by Gov. Jerry Brown for a large sinkhole caused by El Nino?
    1. Orinda
    2. Clayton
    3. Moraga
    4. Lafayette
  7. Which Democratic Presidential candidate won the New York primary?
    1. Joe Biden
    2. Hillary Clinton
    3. Martin O’Malley
    4. Bernie Sanders