Community Outreach And Education

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Hello and welcome to the newest page on our website. Our Community Outreach and Education program provides several ways for you to stay informed and involved with current civic issues in Contra Costa communities.

If you’re an educator or part of a service club, we encourage you to Request a speaker. If you’re a high school student, check out the opportunities to become politically involved in our Young Voters Corner.

Our focus is providing information about civic life and involvement, the changing nature of our community and to provide a hub for non-partisan and unbiased information.

To stay involved in the civic life of your community, follow us on social media and consider attending a public meeting. Our Government at a Glance page includes information about every agency in the county. You can also stay up to speed by checking out the current events quizzes and crossword puzzles in our Fun Stuff to Share section.

Join us in sharing the excitement of being part of a community.

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