Work for Democracy


Poll workers are the heart and soul of an election. Without hundreds of poll workers serving across the county, we could not have successful elections. It takes more than 1,500 poll workers to conduct a countywide election in Contra Costa County.

Image of PollWorker and Voter

Our goal is to ensure federal, state and local elections are conducted timely, responsibly, and with the highest level of professional election standards. We could not accomplish this without the dedication of our many poll workers.

It’s patriotic. Poll workers state the main reason that they serve is to fulfill their civic responsibility and to support the Democratic process.


It’s educational. Poll Workers attend in-class training & learn what it takes to successfully administer an election that complies with both California & Federal Election Laws.

It’s a chance to see neighbors and meet new friends. Poll Workers say how much they enjoy seeing and assisting their neighbors and community members on Election Day.

To apply, please complete a quick Poll Worker form.