Candidate Statements

Research Scientist/Educator

It’s time for a change on the Contra Costa County Board of Education. I’ve lived in West County for 10 years and have four children in public schools. I’m disappointed that with all our tax money spent on construction to create new buildings, instruction has not improved as it should.
The Contra Costa County Board of Education and the County Superintendent of Schools are in charge of making certain all 18 school districts in Contra Costa County do the best job to educate students. As your representative, I will be a dedicated advocate for West Contra Costa Unified School District schools to make certain they make the improvements needed in instruction. Based on my experiences on the School Site Council, a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) committee, and educator, I believe I bring the right expertise and knowledge.
I’ll make certain we monitor disciplinary infractions (suspensions, expulsions and detentions) and that foster youth programs are effectively serving those students including connecting them with our Contra Costa Community College District for college and career opportunities.
Good fiscal management is also key; my years of service as treasurer for my homeowners association allow me to review budgets critically.
My work experience as an educator and researcher at UC Berkeley prepares me to know how to advocate for improving our schools.


I am running for the County Board of Education (CBOE) to continue advocating for quality public education for all students. I believe we need leaders on the CBOE who understand the changing landscape of public education. With the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) school districts will be held to higher standards. It is essential that districts receive the support needed from the County Board of Education to meet those standards. This is a critical time to serve on the CBOE; and I’m prepared. I am a 30 year teacher with the San Francisco Unified School District and a graduate of San Francisco State University. I served on the governing board of the West Contra Costa Unified School District. Currently I serve on the board of directors of the National Education Association. I will bring decades of experience in school finance, budgets, curriculum as well as fresh new ideas and positive solutions to the CBOE. I will also advocate for effective implementation of ESSA and adequate education funding for all schools. My strong commitment to nurturing collaborative relationships is one of my attributes and will serve the CBOE well. I humbly ask for your vote.


As a dedicated and trusted Contra Costa County Board of Education member, I am seeking your vote for my re-election.

Priorities: Early childhood education; Teacher recruitment and retention; Solving achievement and digital gaps; Funding for State and Federal underfunded mandates

Supports: Restorative Justice approach in our schools; flexible funding and accountability; staff development training; parental involvement and training; adult education programs; college and career readiness, including trades and the arts; ‘Every School Day Counts’ initiative to eliminate truancy; monitoring of the budget for the Contra Costa County Office of Education; evaluation of charter school renewals or appeals based on merit, including transparency and competent oversight; promoting a shared culture of collaboration, innovation, networking and best practices.

Serves on: California County Board of Education Legislative Committee member 2015 & 2016; Legislative funding sub-committee 2016; Legislative Charter School Task Force reviewing Charter School Education Code 2016

Authored: Proposal to appoint versus elect County Superintendents of Schools 1993; “School District Organization: Is Bigger Better?” 1994

Education: B.A., Liberal Arts with Business Minor, Cal State University, Hayward 1994
I pledge to continue to address the needs of all our children, especially those of our most challenged students, and to promote life-long learners.