Candidate Information for the 03/17/15 Special Primary Election

The candidate filing period for the March 17, 2015 Special Primary Election is now closed. This is a special election to fulfill an unexpired term for the State Senate 7th District.

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“Top Two Primary” What Does It Mean?
On June 8, 2010, California voters approved Proposition 14, which created the “Top-Two Open Primary Act”.

Prior to the “Top-Two Open Primary Act”, candidates running for partisan office appeared only on their own party ballot. The top vote-getter from each qualified political party and any candidates who qualified using the independent nomination process would move on to the General Election.

Now, under the Top-Two Primary, only the two candidates who receive the highest and second-highest number of votes cast at the primary shall appear on the ballot as candidates at the ensuing General Election, even if they are the same party.

The “Top-Two Open Primary Act” allows all candidates running, regardless of their party preference, to appear on a single combined ballot. Voters can vote for any candidate from any political party. The “Top-Two Open Primary Act” does not affect the Presidential Primary and County Central Committees, which are still party-specific contests.

Non-partisan offices such as Judges, School Board, Special District officers, City officials and the Superintendent of Public Instruction would remain open to all eligible voters.

What’s different with the Top-Two Primary?
You don’t have to be registered by party to participate in the Primary Election.

  • You can vote for a candidate of any party preference.
  • You can split your votes between candidates of various parties for different offices.
  • You can “write-in” a qualified candidate.
  • You don’t have to declare or affiliate with any political party.
  • The two candidates with the most votes will appear on the General Election ballot even if they are of the same party preference.
2015 Candidate Guide
A Candidate Guide is published before the election for the contest that will be on the ballot. The Guide gives you vital information on running your campaign; filing requirements, qualifications, deadlines, fees, political advertising, reports and more. This guide is for general information only and does not have the force and effect of law, regulation or rule.

2015 Special Election Candidate Guide